Sheet Metal

Canoga Sheet Metal Contractors offer many types of sheet metal installations in Southern California.  Our primary sheet metal types include:

  • Sheet Copper
  • Sheet Zinc
  • Sheet Stainless Steel
  • Sheet Brass
  • Bonderized (paintable) Galvanized Iron

Communities for our installations of sheet metal: Malibu, San Fernando Valley, and from Santa Barbara to San Diego

Sheet Metal Usage Table

  Typical Uses Pros Cons
Decorative work, flashing, roofing, gutters, downspouts Long lasting, good near ocean, doesn’t need painting, old world look Can’t mix with other metals due to electrolysis
Flashing, roofing, gutters, downspouts Attractive, ages naturally, old world look Can’t be used with copper
Stainless Steel
Flashing, gutters, downspouts, counter tops Non-oxidizing Doesn’t paint well (and why would you, it’s so beautiful anyway)
Decorative work, counter-tops, door guards Weathers naturally Can’t mix with other metals due to electrolysis
Bonderized (paintable) Galvanized Iron Flashing, roofing, gutters, downspouts Corrosion resistant, paintable Can’t be used near ocean


We encourage you to ask about a consultation with the experts at Canoga Sheet Metal. Contact Us so we can help you make the best decision for your next project.

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