Freedom-Gray – ZT Alloy Coated Copper


Architectural Guide Specifications
Revere FreedomGray™ is cut, bent, formed and
installed using the same tools and techniques as
with mill-finished copper. Complete details and
specifications for the installation of architectural
sheet copper are contained in the Revere manual
Copper & Common Sense.
Sheet Copper
All sheet copper shall be standard,
ounce-weight copper conforming to ASTM
specification B370.
Where FreedomGray coated copper is specified or
noted on the drawings, copper shall be coated both
sides with zinc/tin alloy approximately 0.5 mils thick.
Composition of the alloy shall be approximately
50-percent zinc and 50-percent tin with trace
elements controlled for durability, corrosion
resistance and color.
The Z-T Alloy shall be applied by the hot-dip
process. All Z-T Alloy coated copper shall have
temporary, degradable pre-weathered coating to
minimize water-stains during transit and storage
and provide initial weathered appearance.
Where used on Z-T Alloy coated copper,
solder shall conform to ASTM specification B32
and shall be pure tin OR lead-free, high-tin.
Handling & Storage
Store FreedomGray coated copper sheets, coils
and formed shapes off the ground, in an enclosed
structure. Do NOT store in a manner or location so
that the water or moisture may remain between
sheets or shapes prior to installation. Do NOT store
on bare ground under a tarp or in other manner that
may cause condensation to form on or between
sheets or shapes.
Handle sheets and shapes in a manner to
reduce scratches, dents, etc.
In the absence of oxygen, standing water
may cause water-stains. Water-stains and
surface scratches should not affect the life
or durability of FreedomGray; however, they
can be aesthetically unattractive.
Before soldering Z-T Alloy coated copper,
the pre-weathered coating must be removed
and surfaces to receive soldering chemically
and/or mechanically cleaned to produce clean,
bright alloy.
To ease soldering, a tin-bearing flux may
be applied to all surfaces to receive solder.
Except as noted elsewhere, form and install
FreedomGray as noted on the drawings and in
the same manner as described for plain copper
in Revere’s sheet copper design manual Copper
& Common Sense, latest edition.
FreedomGray shall be protected during
installation and cleaning of masonry with tarps,
polyethylene sheeting, or similar impervious
materials. To prevent water stains due to
condensation trapped on metal’s surface,
protection must be removed at the end of each
Remove excessive dirt and construction debris by
washing thoroughly with clear water. Grease, oils,
etc., may be removed by washing with alkaline
commercial cleaning agent in hot water. Do not
otherwise chemically or mechanically clean
Available Forms:
Types Sheets and coils
Weights 16-oz.; 0.0216” thick
20-oz.; 0.027” thick
Temper H00- cold rolled
Stock sizes 36”x120”x16oz. sheets
36”x120”x20oz. sheets
250 lin. ft. coils of 20”
and 24” wide, 16oz.
Note: Other sizes and corresponding
lead times available on request
Ordering Information:
FreedomGray is priced at a premium above
Revere’s Classic Copper finish. Contact your
local Revere distributor for prices and lead
Minimum order quantity
One standard case or coil.
Through Revere sheet copper distributors
throughout the United States, Canada and South
FreedomGray Warranty
Revere warrants that, for a period of 25 years
after delivery, FreedomGray will comply with the
written specifications accepted by Revere and
will be free of defects in workmanship and
materials. Call Revere for complete warranty
Technical Guidance
If you have questions or concerns about the use
of FreedomGray on a particular project, please
call (800) 448-1776, ext. 2474 or ext. 2707.
Do NOT use FreedomGray
1) Below plain or pre-patinated copper.
2) In areas subject to impingement (e.g., in areas
where water falls off a higher roof onto
3) In areas of concentrated or abrasive flow (such
as in valleys on slate or tile roofs)
4) Below or next to fire retardant treated (FRT)
lumber, including FRT cedar shingles and siding.
Cautionary Uses:
1) Interior applications where the pre-weather
Paint may be objectionable and/or will not
Break down and allow natural weathering of the
Tin/zinc alloy.
2) Soffits and similar “protected” applications
where weathering will be extremely slow (if at
allC) o pper & Common Sense
Since 1945, Revere has published
Copper & Common Sense, which
is now the industry’s most widely
referenced sheet copper design
manual. To learn how to obtain the
latest edition, call, fax or e mail
Revere at the address below.
Revere Copper Products, Inc.
FreedomGray is a trademark of Revere Copper Products, Inc.
Z-T Alloy is the registered trade name for Follansbee Steel’s
patented zinc/tin alloy and the method of applying it to
architectural copper.
One Revere Park, Rome, NY 13440-5561
1-800-448-1776 Fax: 315-338-2105 e-mail: archcopper @
Copper & Common Sense
Since 1945, Revere has published Copper &
Common Sense, which is now the industry’s
most widely referenced sheet copper
design manual. To learn how to obtain the
latest edition, call, fax, or e‐mail Revere at
the address below.

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